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    Viggo pod vape review: nic salts never tasted better

    October 02, 2023 4 min read

    Viggo pod vape review: nic salts never tasted better

    Viggo Series is the name Australian vapers interested in pod vaping should remember. This new pod device from the makers of the Vibe Series and V-Pack II have really outdone themselves this time around. Small enough to fit in your hand, powerful enough to use all day, and good enough to find its way into every vaper's pocket. This is what an e-cigarette should be. You can buy the Viggo online from Vaper Empire.

    Viggo Review: The Best Pod Vape

    If you don't have time to read our complete review of the Viggo pod system below, you can skip all that and just read this: the Viggo Series by Vaper Empire is the best pod vape with disposable pods that money can buy. It's everything you want in a pod system and does not disappoint, not even a little bit. This is the pod vape that you've been searching for if you're looking for a reliable system with disposable pods filled with premium nicotine salt e-juices.

    Vape Pods That Don't Leak

    Nobody wants pods that leak. Leaky pods are one of the worst things that a pod vaper can experience. E-juice in the mouth? No thanks. Vaper Empire knows this, which is why they worked tirelessly to achieve a leak-free pod design that actually works. Anyone who has ever used a pod that has leaked e-liquid knows just how important this is and it's definitely worth noting when assessing the Viggo's value. So in this,  regard, Vaper Empire has really hit the nail on the head and accomplished what every pod manufacturer should have with their leak-free Viggo Pods. Perfect.

    Amazing Pod Flavors With Nicotine Salts

    When you're vaping with a pod system that uses disposable vape pods, you have to have access to good flavors or it's all just a big disappointment. This is one of the reasons why the Viggo is such a solid bet. Vaper Empire is already well known for the quality of their vape juices and their new Viggo Pods do well to hammer in this point. With Viggo Pods, Vaper Empire has really outdone themselves. Unlike the rest of their premium e-liquid line, their pods use nicotine salts instead of freebase nic. If you're thinking no big deal, then think again. Their specially formulated nic salts provide better nicotine absorption, better throat hit sensation, and better flavor. So to summarize, they're better and that's worth getting excited over because Vaper Empire's e-liquid is already at the top of the pile and it has only improved with the release of their Viggo Pods.

    While some pod vape companies only offer a couple of flavors like menthol and tobacco, Vaper Empire steps things up quite a few notches and delivers a range of flavors that include:

    • Tobacco
    • Menthol
    • Creamy Custard
    • Apple
    • Orange Crush
    • Whole Leaf Tobacco
    • Blueberry
    • Caramel Tobacco
    • Flat White Coffee

    No matter what type of e-liquid you prefer, there's a Viggo pod flavor for you. And if there's not yet, just wait because our guess is that there will be soon as Vaper Empire is always working on releasing new e-liquid flavors for their customers to enjoy.

    Vaping Power That Lasts

    Having to recharge your vape battery multiple times a day is annoying, that much is for sure. With Viggo, you might not even have to charge it every day depending on how often you vape. When you do have to charge it, it charges fast. It takes just 1 hour to fully recharge when it's 100% depleted of battery power. That is fast, especially given how long it lasts after a single charge, which many vapers will find to be multiple days.

    Change The Voltage

    Don't like the voltage setting? Then change it. Viggo has three voltage settings, which is two more than most pod vapes VapeStraight has encountered. The typical pod vape seems to have only one setting so it's like a one-size-fits-all concept, but as many of you already know, not all vapers want the same thing. With three settings to choose from, you finally have some options at your disposal, which is a nice change of pace.

    Big Pods

    The capacity of Viggo Pods is great. Each one casually holds 1.8 ml of nic salt e-liquid, which is more than twice as much as some of the competing pod systems on the market hold. Impressed? Well, you should be because that's enough e-juice to get most vapers through multiple days. Heavy users should find that it lasts at least a day and that's really quite impressive for a pod system that fits in a pocket.

    Comfortable Design

    Some e-cigs are certainly more comfortable to use than others and this one, the Viggo Series, is definitely on the more comfortable end of the spectrum. The ergonomic design makes it feel good to hold and just as good to use. The soft metal battery is really something in itself. Although subtle, the shape of the battery and its pods are just right, making it feel natural each time you use it. This is a properly designed vape, that much you can bank on.

    Where To Buy The Viggo Series

    There is only one store you should by the Viggo from and that's Vaper Empire's own online store. They sell all of their own products, including the Viggo, at their online vape shop and they ship orders through DHL Express so that vaping supplies arrive fast, as they should.

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