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    Desktop Volcano Vaporizer Review: Why It's the Top Choice for Herbal Enthusiasts in 2023

    September 12, 2023 4 min read

    Desktop Volcano Vaporizer Review: Why It's the Top Choice for Herbal Enthusiasts in 2023

    When it comes to vaporizers, many argue that the Volcano is the original and best. On the market since 2000, these machines are manufactured in Germany – and one of the first things you’ll notice is Storz & Bickel’s fine craftmanship. 


    You have a choice of two models when it comes to the Volcano vaporizer. First up, there’s the Classic. These systems come equipped with a numbered dial that allows you choose one of nine settings for your temperature – ranging from 130C to 226C (266F to 439F). 


    If your budget stretches that little bit further, you can opt for the Digit model instead. This machine boasts a generously sized LED display showing the exact temperature of the vaporizer. Better still, it offers an auto shut-off function. 


    Although the Classic and the Digit perform equally well, there is a difference to consider when it comes to minimum temperatures and accuracy. The minimum temperature on the Digit is just 40C (104F), giving you greater flexibility during the preparation phase.


    Which valve should you choose? 

    Volcano vaporizers are compatible with two different balloon systems: the solid valve or the easy valve. 


    Although both cost the same, the valve that’s best for you is going to be based on whether you’re comfortable with taking things apart. Solid valves are undoubtedly cheaper in the long run, but they do require to be disassembled for cleaning. On the bright side, you’ll be able to change the size of the balloons you are using whenever you please, and these are relatively inexpensive to replace. Better still, you can see that each component is built to last – you can feel the quality in your hands. 


    It is possible to purchase one of Volcano’s vaporizers with an easy valve starter kit, and these come in handy for novices who want as little maintenance as possible. You can choose to use a standard or an extra large balloon – and inhaling out of the easy valve is quite a pleasant experience. 


    Your herbs go into an accompanying filling chamber (or, if you’re vaping using a liquid instead, a liquid pad.) The valve gets to work once you attach the balloon, with all vapor being stored safely inside until you need it. 


    Now let’s take a look at a cost comparison between solid and easy valves (as Storz-Bickel is a European company, they work in euros.) An easy value starter set costs about €99 (roughly $120.) Meanwhile, a replacement kit will set you back €48 ($59.) A solid valve set typically costs the same – €99 – but you get longevity thanks to the fact it can be maintained and cleaned. 


    What other accessories are up for grabs? 

    Some of the more inexpensive extras you might want to purchase for your Volcano vaporizer include plungers for dosing capsules, ensuring that your liquid measurements will be more precise. Herb mills are also available to guarantee that your ingredients of choice can be finely ground for maximum vapor. There are even capsule caddies that guarantee you’ll always be equipped with liquid when you’re on the move. And given the brushed metal cone that makes the Volcano vaporizer an eye-catching addition to every home, the company’s cleaning brushes ensure you can take pride in its appearance. 


    Volcano has also embraced its status as one of the founding fathers of vaporizing through quirky accessories including 3D stickers, baseball caps, T-shirts, lanyards and beach towels. 


    Using the Volcano 

    One of the big bonuses of this desktop vaporizer is how promptly the balloon fills up with the herbs of your choice. Although it will vary between balloon sizes, you’ll normally only have to wait about 45 seconds before it is full. A downside you’ll have to contend with when it comes to the Volcano vaporizers is that the fans can be quite noisy. Also, you should keep an eye on the balloon to ensure it doesn’t get too full, otherwise vapor can begin to escape. 


    Although the machine is solid and dependable, it’s quite hefty and it can be difficult to take if you’re heading to a friend’s house. As such, it’s worth bearing in mind that the Volcano is geared towards home use, and portability is a weakness.


    Pros and cons 

    So – let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages associated with the Volcano Classic and Digit vaporizers. 



    Temperature control: The last thing you want to do is burn your herbs. The Classic provides a plethora of settings to guarantee consistency with every vape, while the Digit offers precision through its LED screen and broader range of temperatures. Not only does this make the Volcano ideal for vaping, but it’ll also come in handy if you’re a budding cook or have a passion for aromatherapy. 


    Warranty and parts: Each Volcano vaporizer comes with a three year warranty, and this gives you peace of mind when treating yourself to a model. Given that all of the main components of these machines are available separately, you can also rest assured that this vaporizer will last for years to come. 



    Price: It’s true – the Volcano is quite an expensive purchase. However, in this throwaway culture age of planned obsolescence, the built-to-last nature of this vaporizer is to be celebrated. If you plan to use it regularly and for years to come, you won’t be disappointed. And as we discovered, their easy valves ensure frequent use doesn’t result in intense maintenance. 


    Weight: Given the fact the Volcano vaporizer tips the scales at 2.7kg, it’s not easy to pack away for vacations and poker nights. 



    Tens of thousands of people can’t be wrong. The Volcano vaporizer is easy to use, and the detailed instructions mean even the most inexperienced user can’t go wrong. The taste and intensity of the vapor is hard to beat, and better still, the versatile temperature settings mean you’ll be able to get better results out of your herbs – without heating them so much that you get unpleasant toxins that can be damaging to your health.

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