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    Banana Bros. OTTO Grinder: Vaporizer Review

    December 25, 2023 5 min read

    Banana Bros. OTTO Grinder: Vaporizer Review

    Maybe you’ve heard the recent buzz about Banana Bros. newest grinder, the OTTO. This ingenious device gives you the perfect smoke every single time. Or so the official website says. So what is the hype about? What does the OTTO do, and what sets it apart from other grinders?

    First, this grinder is automatic. It works the same each time to give you a high-quality result. As if that isn’t impressive enough, this device does more. It actually fills cones, also called papers, with the milled botanicals. The outcome is a well made blunt or joint (also referred to on the official website as a cone).

    Product Pros:

    1. Automatic
    2. Smooth grind
    3. No air pockets
    4. Reduces waste
    5. Easy to clean
    6. No runs
    7. Fast USB charging

    Product Cons:

    1. Fragile cone holder clips
    2. A tiny bit of herb gets stuck on the hinge

    How it Works Banana Bros Otto Grinder - Vape Straight

    If you like to smoke but can’t roll, the OTTO is a great grinder choice for you! It completely takes the stress out of doing it yourself and eliminates the fear of wasting precious materials.

    To work the machine, all you have to do is open it and place the pre-measured weed inside. Close the unit, and put a cone in the tube. Then, attach this to the OTTO and place firmly on a flat surface. Finally, press the power button to start the grinding and filling process.

    After about 10 seconds, your cone will be filled. Remove the cone tube, then the cone from inside the tube. To finish, tap the cone on a hard surface and turn the power off.

    This product is even easy to clean. All you have to do is take apart the different pieces. Unlike other so-called professional grinders, this one seems to be created with cleaning in mind. Thank you, Banana Bros.!

    Manufacturing Quality

    The OTTO includes many different accessories, each included to give you the best grind every time. In this section, we will cover the manufacturing quality, as well as purpose, of each of these items.

    Snap Cap 

    The snap cap goes on the top of the grinder to keep it clean. This works both when not in use and when you are on the go. The name comes from the fact that it literally snaps into place. Although it sounds flimsy, the cap will last as long as you don’t lose it! 

    Measuring Cup 

    The measuring cup is a nice addition, considering it gives you the perfect amount of material to use every single time. This reduces waste and allows you to get a repeatable experience. 

    USB Charging Cable 

    This is self-explanatory. However, it is nice to get an extra USB charging cable to store away. Although many people don’t think another cable is necessary, the addition shows thoughtfulness. Not everyone has a drawer full, and some people like to use the original cord. Did we mention, this machine charges in an hour flat? 

    4-in-1 Cleaning Tool 

    One cleaning tool is nice. Two are great. Three is generous. And four are fantastic! Especially when they are all conveniently located in one! 

    Aluminum Milling Plates 

    These are not just any aluminum milling plates. They are aerospace engineered to produce the perfect level of grind each time, regardless of the material used. This quality makes the Banana Bros OTTO Grinder great for making spliffs if that’s your thing. Welcome to full cones and a satisfying experience.

    Sturdy Silicone Base 

    The sturdy silicone base acts as just that, a stand to hold the grinder while it deposits the goods in the cone. It attaches magnetically, so you don’t have to worry about the threading getting worn. Additionally, in the case of a drop, the two pieces are less likely to break. 

    O-Tube Sachet and Cone Holder 

    The sachet and cone holder keep the cone in place while it is filled with botanicals. This allows for a perfect, non-messy fill. Just another way to conserve your dry herb! The only downside is the fragility of the plastic clip releases on this cone holder. They aren’t very durable, so some users found they break easily.   


    Another self-explanatory accessory is the O-Funnel. This is not just any funnel. It is specially made to fit the Banana Bros. OTTO grinder. Aside from saving material for waste, it can be used to fill many different types of containers and/or papers.

    20 Premium Cone Sachets Raws - Vape Straight

    Generously, Banana Bros. has included 20 premium cone sachets. These are made to perfectly fit the OTTO grinder. These cones are higher quality than can be found in many unofficial stores, and they even include a filter. If you run out of the included cone sachets, Banana Bros sells these premium cone sachets separately. However, they are by no means the only brand you can use. In fact, these Raws are our favorite replacement set.

    Look and Feel

    When you hold this Banana Bros. grinder, you can feel the quality of materials used. There is a power button with a battery indicator in the middle so you never run out of power. The sturdy silicone base even attaches magnetically, so you can remove it for purposes besides making a cone.

    Cone Quality

    Due to the extremely precise chip inside that controls the fill, there are never any runs in your cone. It seems impossible, but it’s true. Not only that, but the OTTO takes less than 10 seconds total to mill and load the papers full of goodness. The measuring cup ensures you use the same amount every single time for a consistently made cone.


    In terms of discreetness, the silicon seal at the bottom of the tube masks the odor of the dry herb. This helps keep prying noses in your apartment building from smelling the newly milled botanicals. Not to mention it allows for smell-reduced carrying.


    This device is charged by USB, so technically it is portable. However, it is not portable in the sense of a vaporizer. Instead, it’s more like a tabletop vape. You do need a flat surface. However, it is safe to carry the unit with you in a bag, and it is small enough to fit discreetly.

    Overall Impressions

    One of the best things about this grinder is that it mills everything to the same consistency, even stems. It does this by using a chip that senses the materials and automatically adjusts to give you the best smoking experience every time. Overall, this product is revolutionary and definitely worth the $119USD price tag.

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