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    What Is The Volcano Vaporizer?

    September 14, 2023 6 min read

    What Is The Volcano Vaporizer?

    The Volcano Vaporizer is Storz & Bickel's flagship desktop vaporizer, essentially the gold standard in vaping, and quite likely the most used vaporizer by scientists looking to study herbal vaporizers and the effects of the vapor that they produce. Now if you're not sure what a desktop vaporizer or an herbal vaporizer is, or heck, what a vaporizer is for that matter, no worries - we've got you covered.


    What Is A Vaporizer?

    A vaporizer is a device designed to heat up a blend to the point at which vaporization occurs, thus transforming the blend into a vapor or aerosol that can be inhaled or otherwise enjoyed by the user or users.


    There are definitely some different kinds of vaporizers. While the Volcano is an herbal vaporizer designed for direct inhalation of vapor, there are vaporizers that are designed for aromatherapy and other applications. And when it comes to the Volcano, its uses actually vary as it has been seen in a kitchen or two and it can also double as a liquid nicotine delivery system, essentially making it a stationary e-cigarette. We'll talk more on its dual-use in a moment.


    As reference, an electronic cigarette or e-cig as it's known for short is a type of vaporizer designed to vaporize liquid nicotine blends known as e-juices. These liquid blends are also known as vape juices and e-liquids.


    In short, vaporizers heat their blends to the point at which they're vaporized. Smoking devices utilize combustion, which occurs at a higher temperature, to release smoke. The difference between the two is nothing short of significant.


    What Is An Herbal Vaporizer?

    An herbal vaporizer is designed to vaporizer herbs. There are those that are designed for extracts and those that are designed for loose-leaf blends, or dry herbs as they're known to some. The Volcano can be used with both.


    The Volcano's Various Applications

    Thanks to its Liquid Pad accessory, the Volcano is capable of vaporizing liquids and other forms of extracts as well as dry herbs. By default, it's a dry herb vaporizer. But pop in the pad and suddenly it's a concentrate vaporizer. This is just one of the useful features that the Volcano offers.


    As we noted earlier, it has been seen in a kitchen or two. And we mean exactly that. The Volcano has found use in the culinary arts, which may come as a surprise given it's probably not what Markus Storz, inventor of the Volcano Vaporizer, had in mind for it when he first set forth to design it.


    While the Volcano Vaporizer clearly has more than one use, the primary use of the Volcano is to vaporize dry herbs and extracts, a task which it accomplishes with little effort.


    Desktop Vaporizer Definition

    The Volcano is classified as a desktop vaporizer. This means that it's intended for desktop or tabletop use. While not all desktop vaporizers are necessarily plugins by necessity, the Volcano is, making it a plugin vaporizer - yet another classification that it qualifies for.


    By definition, desktop vaporizers are designed to be operated on a flat surface. Generally speaking, you set them up somewhere flat and sturdy, plug them in, and get to vaping. Some think of them as home use or in the office vaporizers because they're essentially stationary, although that doesn't mean that you can't carry them around with you. The Volcano, for example, actually has carrying cases designed specifically for it, making it relatively easy to transport from one vape spot to the next.


    Volcano Vaporizer Definition

    Now that we've gotten all of that out of the way, the basics of what the Volcano's various classifications entail, it's time to tell you what the Volcano is really about and that's filling bags with delicious vapor to be inhaled at one's leisure. That's what's really up with this top of the line vape by one of the world's most esteemed vape manufacturers, Storz & Bickel.


    What really sets the Volcano apart is its balloon delivery system for the vapor it produces. While other vaporizers attempt to mimic this delivery method to one degree or another, none have managed to perfect it to the extent that Storz & Bickel has with their Volcano. But what exactly is it about their design that makes it that much better than its competition? It's all in the mouthpiece design, which is more than just a mouthpiece as it also functions as a pressure activated valve.


    When one pulls the mouthpiece, which is attached to a balloon filled with vapor, to their mouth and presses it against their lips, the valve that controls the flow of vapor from the bag opens up, releasing the vapor. As soon as the mouthpiece is pulled away from the user's lips and the pressure is released, the valve immediately snaps shut, once again trapping the vapor contained within the bag. This is by far the easiest way for a user to control the valve controlling the vapor flow. Why? Because it's effortless. You don't even think about it, you just do it. Press it to your lips, inhale, take it away, and set it down until you're ready to go again. It's easy and it's so easy that we just can't seem to get enough of it. That's how good it is. And the fact that the vapor the Volcano produces is nothing short of the best certainly doesn't hurt.


    The Two Different Volcano Vaporizers Explained

    Now while we've been referring to the Volcano in the singular sense up until now, the reality is that there are actually two different kinds of Volcano vaporizers. That's right, there's more than one. There's the Classic, the very first to come out, and then there's the that much more hi-tech Digit, which is the latest variant to hit store shelves.


    The Digit, which some call the Digital Volcano Vaporizer, differs from the Classic but only slightly. It has a digital display and big temperature adjustment buttons that come as a pretty significant improvement over the Classic's somewhat dated analog temperature control system that incorporates a dial/knob and lacks a proper display. Not only does the Digit show the set vaping temperature, it also shows the current temperature. In the case of the Classic, it shows neither. Instead, it has numbers spaced out around the dial which start at 1 and end at 9. The user then adjusts the dial to select the temperature setting of their preference. Unfortunately, it's a bit of a guessing game, but on the upside, it's actually really easy to use. Both are easy to use for that matter, but clearly, it's the Volcano Digit's temperature controls that are the superior between the two.


    The Whip VS The Bag

    While the traditional vapor delivery method for desktop vaporizers is what is known as the whip, the bag or balloon method made famous by the Volcano vaporizers is preferable from our perspective as it's more convenient to use. Simply puff on a bag when you want some vapor and set it down when you don't - the valve keeps everything in place. With the whip, you're basically drawing on it while the vaporizer is hot and ready and the vapor is flowing or you're not. Between hits, you may very well find yourself waiting around for the heating element to reach your preferred vaping temperature.


    While both delivery methods are solid, the Volcano's delivery is frankly impeccable. You just won't find any better, at least not at this time. Once you've used one, you'll scoff at the prospect of a whip as you know what's better: the bag. And not just any bag, but a Volcano bag.


    Where To Buy The Volcano Online

    For those looking to buy the Volcano Vaporizer online, there are plenty of options to choose from, however, in light of the numerous counterfeit Volcano vaporizers floating around, we strongly suggest anyone interested in buying one purchase theirs through an authorized retailer such as this store here. And if you see a super cheap deal on a Volcano on Amazon or eBay, there's a good chance that you're actually looking at a fake. Be smart, buy an authentic Volcano, not some cheap knockoff made from questionable materials.


    Have any questions about what a Volcano is or how to use it? Let us know because we're here to help. You leave a comment below or get in touch with us through either our contact page here on our website or through social media where you'll find us on Twitter @VapeStraight.

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