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    Refillable vs Prefilled Vape Pods: Which is Best?

    October 02, 2023 4 min read

    Refillable vs Prefilled Vape Pods: Which is Best?

    Buying a pod vape and knowing which one to buy can be two very different things. As adult vapers, many of us can walk into vape shops nearby or local gas stations and convenience stores and grab a pod vape like a JUUL or a MyBlu, but is that the best option? Some of the most popular pod vapes, like the two we just mentioned, offer prefilled vape pods, but there is another option to consider and that option is the refillable pod system.

    Some pod vapes like the Renova Zero by popular vape company Vaporesso, just as an example, have refillable pods instead of prefilled ones. They're sold without any e-liquid inside them, which adds the inconvenience of having to fill each pod with vape juice before using it but also opens the door to endless possibilities of vape juice to use.

    Refillable vs Prefilled Pods

    The main argument for refillable vaping pods is that they can be used with all of the wonderful e-liquids that one can buy on the open market. They also have the added benefit of sometimes being less costly to use, in part because many refillable pods can be used more than once. For this reason, they're often seen as less expensive and more flexible than prefilled pods.

    So the reasons to buy refillable pods are:

    • Less expensive
    • Reusable
    • More e-liquid options

    But refillables aren't for everyone because not everyone wants to deal with filling and possibly refilling pods in order to vape. Some would prefer to simply vape without the hassle of having to fill anything. So while it might be a bit more wasteful in terms of trash generated and money spent, prefilled pods certainly have their appeal. The big downside though is that prefills come in limited e-liquid flavors so if you have to choose between a much smaller number of flavors if you're going to take the prefilled pod route.

    There is yet another reason that some fail to consider when deciding between these two options and that reason relates to pods leaking e-liquid. This isn't always the case but some prefilled pods tend to leak less than refillable pods.

    The reasons to buy prefilled pods are:

    • More convenient
    • Possibly less prone to leaking

    Leaky vape pods suck.

    This is a big deal for a lot of vapers. Pods can leak for any number of reasons, including aggressive puffing, manufacturer defect, poor design, improper handling, and even sudden fluctuations in elevation. When it happens, it's never a good thing. There are, however, some pod vape systems that are less prone to leaking than others, due largely to their designs and craftsmanship.

    Choosing The Right Pod System

    It's never easy choosing a new vape, not if you care that you're buying the right one anyways. There's a lot to consider once you understand all of the variables. To make this process as easy as possible, we've narrowed down the selection of pod vape systems for you. Take a look below to find out which pod vapes we think are the best ones for e-liquid.

    Best Prefilled Pod Vapes


    If you're looking for the crown jewel of pod vapes, it's probably not the Juul. The design is a bit dated these days but it remains popular, which is surprising in the US given how few flavors it's now available in. Do you want menthol or tobacco? Well, then you're all set because that's what they're offering these days. We just felt we should mention this device since it's one of the most popular, but there are definitely better options out there.


    We've never been super impressed with the MyBlu but it does work and it has some really good flavor options and very tasty vape juice. The devices aren't the best but they do get the job done.

    Puff Bar

    While they might be reminiscent of Juul devices, Puff Bars come in way more flavors, including funky ones that may make you wonder why you've been sticking to such traditional flavors as mint and blueberry instead of exploring wild options like Pineapple Lemonade and Banana Ice.


    Australia and New Zealand have their own option and it's the Viggo, a pod system from Vaper Empire that comes in traditional flavors like tobacco and menthol, but also crazy ones like Orange Crush and Creamy Custard.

    Best Refillable Pod Vapes

    Vaporesso Zero

    Want something smooth that you can refill once or twice before replacing the pod? The Renova Zero, which is made by Vaporesso, will serve you well. It's designed to support nic salts so you can vape just about any vape juice under the sun with it.


    The Caliburn is what you want if you're looking for a refillable pod vape that hits as hard as Muhammad Ali. It's a hard hitter and it's also a long-laster. The battery on it is big for a pod vape, bringing it into vape pen territory in terms of size and shape. For powerful vapour from a pod system, the only name you really need to remember is Caliburn.

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